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Cadman Philosophy

Our philosophy at Cadman is:
"To encourage people to more fully express themselves through a unique collection of products for the soul and thereby enhance their lives"

Expression, as you are aware, comes in many forms. Here at Cadman we offer a range of product that is designed to give your soul (heart, personality, character) a positive lift. Our products are mixed with our personalities and presentation; all within the beautiful natural surrounds of Montville in the hinterland of Queensland's Sunshine Coast (Australia).

Products for the SoulThis web site is intended to provide you with a reminder of your visit to us. If you haven't yet visited us, we trust that this site will be as good as a visit. Just as within our physical shop, we don't try to be all things to everyone and nor do we claim to have all the answers to everyone's search since there are different strokes for different folks. We have experienced however, (from customer feedback), that what we have to offer goes a long way to assisting you to enhance your life.

Our product and presentation are simply intended to give your Soul a positive lift. Once the Soul is lifted and full and honest expression is experienced, life takes on a different perspective and we can never fully go back to the way we were before the experience because that is the nature of experiential change - we simply decide to continue to experience and change in a positive forward way or we don't.

Our central theme is a combination of Feng Shui (because it works) and Spiritual and Personal Development (because it works too) and where appropriately possible, add a cross cultural influence all mixed in with as much fun and light hearted attitude to a serious endeavour as we can muster.

So, we trust that you will find what your looking for in our Online Shop.

If you don't, then please let us know and if you have ideas or contributions of your own please feel free to touch base with us - info@cadmancottage.com.au

Kind Regards
The Staff of Cadman Cottage

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